Atrocities on Hindus in Pakistan

  • In last 65 years, estimated 43 million (4.3 Crore) Hindus vanished from Pakistan
  • Hindu population from 24% in 1947 is shredded down to 1.3%
  • Out of over 458 major temples in Pakistan, only 26 are left today
  • Hindu Temples are destroyed, converted into Hotels, stables and madrassa
  • Pakistan army carried out genocide of world’s highest number of killing in shortest span of time in 1971 in Bangladesh
  • Pakistani Army killed 6000 to 12000 per day out of which most were Hindus
  • Hindus were killed on direct orders of Pak Army General Amir Abdulla Khan Niazi
  • General Niazi was quoted asking his officers, “How many Hindus have you killed today?”
  • Over 250/month Hindu Girls are Kidnapped are Forced Converted – says Human Right Commission Pakistan
  • Hindu girls as young as 12 and even mothers are kidnapped with support of police and authorities
  • Hindu marriages are NOT recognized even under Pakistani constitution
  • Married Hindu women are denied right to vote and National ID Card
  • Married Hindu women are kidnapped as their husbands can’t even complaint, in absence of legal certificate of their marriage
  • Rinkle Kumari was kidnapped from her home, forced married and converted to Islam
  • Rinkle was slapped in the court for speaking the truth and denied justice even in Pakistani Supreme Court

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