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How Old is the Word ‘Hindu’?

Here is an eye-opening article about the antiquity of the word “Hindu.” The communist historians of India and the Western Indologists claim that the word “Hindu” was invented by the Arabs in the 8th century and its origins lay in the Persian practice of replacing “S” with “H”. However, many inscriptions over a thousand years older than this period have used the word ”Hindu” or its... 

Religious Tolerance or Universal Acceptance

(Excerpts from speech delivered by Balesh Dhankhar at 'Youth and Religion - A Multi-faith Conference in Sydney, Australia. Date 21/10/12)  Ekam Satyam Vipra Bahudi Vadanti Friends I wish to start today’s talk with this verse from Ancient Rig Veda (1-164-146), which says - Truth is One. But awakened ones express it differently. It is an attempt to discuss Hindu perspective on Religious... 

How many Holocausts?

How many Holocausts?
By - Balesh Singh Dhankhar There were nine million innocent and helpless Jews perished during the Holocaust while the world at large remained silent. Humanity has paid the price of that silence, and yet didn’t learn anything. Even today a much larger holocaust is taking place, in much larger magnitude, much larger in number of deaths, much more heinous to humanity, just because these innocent... 
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