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Atrocities on Hindus in Pakistan

In last 65 years, estimated 43 million (4.3 Crore) Hindus vanished from Pakistan Hindu population from 24% in 1947 is shredded down to 1.3% Out of over 458 major temples in Pakistan, only 26 are left today Hindu Temples are destroyed, converted into Hotels, stables and madrassa Pakistan army carried out genocide of world’s highest number of killing in shortest span of time in 1971 in Bangladesh Pakistani... 

How many Holocausts?

How many Holocausts?
By - Balesh Singh Dhankhar There were nine million innocent and helpless Jews perished during the Holocaust while the world at large remained silent. Humanity has paid the price of that silence, and yet didn’t learn anything. Even today a much larger holocaust is taking place, in much larger magnitude, much larger in number of deaths, much more heinous to humanity, just because these innocent... 
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